Value Through Passion

Who is Value Through Passion

Value Through Passion is a part of FOGLET, founded by Guido van de Graaf to share my knowledge about digital marketing for tourism organizations, entrepreneurship and other things I  feel passionate about or think are worth sharing.

I have experienced the twin earthquakes that rocked Nepal in the spring of 2020 and had the joy to work with a young and energetic team to rebuild their hospitality business. Which confirmed my knowledge that there is always light and the end of the tunnel and that passion, dedication and discipline always brings you back on your feet.

After the earthquake i had the opportunity to be part of the recovery project NepalNow from the Nepal Tourism Board that was funded by CBI and TourismCares.
Later i could work with several tour operators in Nepal and Myanmar to help them with their digital marketing.

In these series of blogs i share my knowledge to help travel companies bounce back better after the corona virus.

Please let me know if you have any questions or request. Love to read them and i will try to answer them on this blog.

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