Crises come back regular, some more intense then others. Going through the twin earthquake in Nepal while i was project manager of a hospitality company with 2 high rise buildings in the Kathmandu Valley with at the moment of the quake almost full occupancy i learned to set priorities in your goals to cruise through a crises as good as is possible.

To deal with a crisis you need to have a lot energy, this means that besides thinking about your business and customers, you need to think about your family too, and in my opinion first. You have to make sure they are safe, can take care of themselves and are comfortable with you going out to rescue or help people.

Which can be also part of conflict that you need to manage, which goes easier if your family is safe and as comfortable as possible in the situation. During the earthquake that meant a tent is erected to sleep in, fresh water is arranged to drink and there is enough food and gas to cook on.

Underneath a list with possible goals you can set to deal with a crises.

  • Keep you family safe
  • Keep the families of your staff safe
  • Survive as a company: 
  • Reduce your operating costs / or temp halt operations
  • Retain your clients for next season (postpone not cancel)  
  • Bond with partners and suppliers
  • Generate cash flow Selling Goods & Services during crisis to keep 
  • Bounce Back Better
  • Develop products for early returners
  • Markets ?
  • Domestic
  • Business Travelers ?
  • Returning Clients
  • Countries with health surveillance might open first ? 
  • Products ?
  • Remote Nature ?
  • Self Guided ? 
  • Private Tour ?