How do you bounce back better as a tour operator after the covid-19 crisis ? 

In section over scenarios you can learn about the different phases of the crisis and how demand could normalize.

What kind of tourism products will be in demand after the pandemic ? What will be the impact of social distancing.

Underneath article collected ideas from around the world of what might change when people start to travel again.

Multi-generation Family Trips / Visit Family over sea

Dream holidays, now that its possible to travel again, there will be a group of people wanting to make for the time they couldn't travel. Holidays that you will talk about the rest of your life full with life-enhancing experiences.

Outdoor & Eco Experiences

Small Groups / Private Tours


  • A la carte above buffets


  • Temperature checking before mingling in a group
  • Free Masks
  • Free Hand sanitizes
  • Sanitation measures
  • Provide your own snorkel mask (put company logo on it)


Travel Trends Report 2022 - Forbes