Travel Experiences and Activity Trends

  • Travellers in every segment are actively seeking out meaningful experiences and services designed just for them. Matteo Atti in Gulf Business (May 2023)
  • Active and adventure travel is in the lift according to Jamie Biesiada in Travel West (June 16 2022) and Contese Agency (feb 2023)
  • People are seeking new holiday experiences that are unique, diverse and more adventurous than before, and they are looking for that holiday online. Contese Agency (feb 2023)
  • Forrest Bathing - going out in Nature also called Shinrin-yoku becomes a bigger travel trend in 2023 - According to Skyscanners
  • Travelers like to be part of sustainable tourism by helping to reducing waste by bringing reusable water battles, bags, etc. To support wildlife conservation; by traveling during the off-season and or to less-visited destinations; to contribute to causes that benefit the destinations and communities they visit; by travelling with sustainable minded travel companies. (Travel West, June 18, 2022)
  • Microactions - Short Holidays are trending is several countries around the globe including the United States and China (China Daily, Aug 2022)

Luxury Travel Trends

Matteo Atti, the chief marketing officer at VistaJet and Vista says in Golf Business, that he believes luxury is about freedom. To choose from anything that is available and what makes a person feel good and exactly fit their needs.

Cruise Trends